Zarifmosavar Industrial Group : Who We Are?

Zarif-Mosavar Manufacturing Industrial Group has been established as one of the largest carpet manufactures in Iran and the Middle East since 1984.

The production lines started its activity with the capacity of 5 million sq/m per year whereas it has been increased to 50.000.000 sq/m annually.

To ensure the products quality and effectiveness, Zarif-Mosavar Group decided to follow up the production of all its raw materials such as Polyvinyl Acetate Homopolymers, XSBR Latex, Synthetic Staple Fibers, BCF Yarn, Masterbatch and Spin Finish Oil a few years after its establishment.

In addition, this Industrial Group is able to manufacture products such as: Nonwoven, Automotive Carpet, Geotextile, Geomembrane and Geocomposite.

Zarif Mosavar’s Products

پت هات واش

Recycled Granule

گرانول بازیافتی

Pet Flake

Articles – Zarifmosavar Industrial Group

Synthetic and natural fibers, applications and uses

Fibers is the plural of the word "fiber" and refers to threads whose ratio of length to diameter is more than 100 times. Fibers are divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. The most widely used synthetic fibers are polyester fibers, which you can learn more about here
PVC Geomembranes and PE Geomembranes

The Diff Between PVC vs LLDPE and HDPE Geomembrane Sheets

PVC Geomembrane Or Polyvinyl Chloride Geomembranes Are Formed From The Polymerisation Of Vinyl Chloride Monomer. Polyvinylchloride Was Discovered In 1835, And Pipes Made Of Polyvinylchloride Were Used By German Scientists And Engineers During World War Ii To Pipeline Water And Sewage To War-Torn Cities Quickly.
Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber (PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber (PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Is One Of The Best Types Of Fibers For Reinforcing Concrete Due To Tensile Strength And High Modulus Of Elasticity And Non-Environmental Pollution.
PVC + Vinyon FIBER

Polyvinyl Chloride Fiber (PVC) or Vinyon Fiber

Polyvinyl Chloride Fiber Or PVC Fiber Is A Widely Used Plastic And One Of The Most Valuable Products In The Petrochemical Industry. PVC Is Mostly Used In Construction And Its Fibers Have The Same Specifications.
Olefin Fiber (Polypropylene + Ethylene)

Olefin Fiber (Polypropylene + Ethylene)

The Combination Of Polypropylene And Ethylene Fibers Is Often Called Olefin Fibers. Olefin fiber is used in carpeting, ropes, and vehicle interiors.
Polypropylene Fiber (PP), Uses and Advantages

Polypropylene Staple Fiber (PP Staple Fiber)

Raw Polypropylene Fibers Are Most Used In The Construction Industry. These Fibers Are Combined With Cement Mortar And Significantly Increase The Tensile Strength Of Concrete. In Fact, One Of The Drawbacks Of Concrete Is Its Tensile Strength And Stability Against Cracking And Tearing...
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