Zarifmosavar Industrial Group : Who We Are?

Zarif-Mosavar Manufacturing Industrial Group has been established as one of the largest carpet manufactures in Iran and the Middle East since 1984.

The production lines started its activity with the capacity of 5 million sq/m per year whereas it has been increased to 50.000.000 sq/m annually.

To ensure the products quality and effectiveness, Zarif-Mosavar Group decided to follow up the production of all its raw materials such as Polyvinyl Acetate Homopolymers, XSBR Latex, Synthetic Staple Fibers, BCF Yarn, Masterbatch and Spin Finish Oil a few years after its establishment.

In addition, this Industrial Group is able to manufacture products such as: Nonwoven, Automotive Carpet, Geotextile, Geomembrane and Geocomposite.

Zarif Mosavar’s Products

پت هات واش

Pet Flake

گرانول بازیافتی

Recycled Granule

Articles – Zarifmosavar Industrial Group

Polypropylene Fiber (PP), Uses and Advantages

Polypropylene fibers (PP fibers)

PP fibers are polypropylene fibers produced by chain polymerization of propene monomer. Polypropylene fibers are hard, stable, and heat resistant. In addition, these fibers are antistatic, non-magnetic, and non-conductive.
3 General Types of Asphalt for Road Stabilization

3 General Types of Asphalt for Road Stabilization

Asphalt or Asphalt concrete is a composite or combined material that is commonly used to pave roads, parking lots, airports, as well as the core of soil dams.

Geotextile Applications in Industries

geotextile applications include road, dam & building construction, drainage, tunnels, agricultural pool, railroads, oil pipelines, railroads ...
Geotextile Installation Zarif Mosavar

Geotextile Installation Guide in Road Stabilization

Before installing geotextile for road stabilization, it is better to get more familiar with road construction and the difference between concrete asphalt and bitumen asphalt and the structure of the construction of roads,

structure of Carboxylated Styrene Butadiene Rubber?

SBR Latex is the abbreviation of Carboxylated Butadiene Styrene Rubber Latex , In simple language by adding acrylic acids to styrene monomer along with Butadiene gas and some other additives would create the X SBR latex...
بوتادین Butadiene img

What is butadiene gas?

butadiene styrene latex, SBR Latex, XSBR Latex, butadiene gas butadiene, styrene butadiene copolymer , monomer, polybutadiene, styrene butadiene, butadiene methyl styrene rubber, nitrile rubber
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