Automotive Carpet

Automotive Flooring & Carpeting – Automotive Nonwovens (NON WOVENS)

Zarif Mosavar Industrial Production Group (ZMIPG) with its wall to wall carpet production line was founded by Mr. Ali Mohammad Rejali and Mr. Seyed Mostafa Tabatabaei in Boroujen Industrial Zone in 1984. The Company uses the latest textile technologies as well as the most skilled workforce of the region which leads to rapid development of the factory due to the great satisfaction and gratitude of consumers.

It would be mentioned that our annual production capacity is 50 million m2 which is achieved in 93000 m2 production area from the total plant area of 165000 m2, so it makes opportunity to nominate Zarif Mosavar industrial production group as one of the biggest manufacturers of wall to wall carpet, nonwoven, fibers and their raw materials in the Middle East.

Automotive Non Woven & Auto Carpet

Zarif Mosavar Company is the largest manufacturer of automotive carpets and automotive nonwovens in Iran by the market share of 85% in supply of Iranian car manufacturing products which are producing under the licenses of Kia Motors, Peugeot and Renault by the capacity of 10 million m2 annually. Zarif Mosavar company, as the manufacturer of Needle-punched nonwovens and carpets, is capable to supply the products from 100 gr/m2 to 1500 gr/m2 in all colours for the applications as below:

  • Headliners
  • Floor and Trunk carpet
  • Parcel shelf
  • Wheel arc carpet
  • Other needle punched Nonwovens and carpets as the customer request

Honors & Certificates

  • Paris Quality Award obtained in 1998
  • Exemplary exporter in 1997, 2005 and 2007
  • Honored to recieve the 1st reward of selected Entrepreneurs in the 3rd Sheikh-Bahaei Entrepreneurship Festival
  • Honored to recieve the 1st reward in the 1st National Iranian Brands
  • The symbol of success in consumers’ confidence & satisfaction attraction
  • ISO 9001 and ISO TS certificates of standard

List of the Automotive Carpet Products

  • Wall to wall carpet (needle felt and tufted) for residential and industrial purposes.
  • Non Woven needle punched layers for automotive industry

Automotive Carpet- Nonwovens zarif mosavar

Roll Lengths Based on Each Thickness, in width of 4.1 Mtrs
Product codeApplicationColourWeight
ThicknessProcess*Fiber TypeCompany
AK4Floor CarpetGray6605.3±1.0Carding VelourNoPolyesterKia
AK23AK23/162Gray2352.7±0.3Carding VelourNo^Kia . Peugeot
AK24HeadlinersBeige2352.7±0.3Carding VelourNo^Peugeot
AK26LFloor CarpetBlack7505.2±0.5Carding Velour FinishingYes^Peugeot
AK30Parcel shelfBlack2505±0.5CardingNo^Peugeot
AK31Parcel shelfBlack1003.3±0.3Carding CalenderNo^Peugeot
AK41Parcel shelfBlack4202.5±0.5Carding FinishingYes^Peugeot
AK42LTrunk TrimBlack2802.5±0.3Carding FinishingYes^Peugeot
AK59Floor CarpetGray4003.4±0.4CardingNo^Kia
AK54L2Floor CarpetGray6503±0.5Carding FinishingYes^Kia
AK60LRibbed Floor CarpetGray6503.6±0.6Carding FinishingYes^Peugeot
AK63LRibbed Floor CarpetBeige6503.6±0.6Carding FinishingYes^Peugeot
AK70Floor CarpetGray5003.5±0.5CardingNo^Kia
AK72Floor CarpetGray7505.5±0.5Carding Velour FinishingYes^Kia
AK90Floor CarpetBlack9204.5±0.5Carding FinishingYes^Renault
AK91Wheel Arc CarpetBlack8003.5±0.5Carding FinishingYes^Renault
AK92Trunk Trim Black11005±0.5Carding FinishingYes^Renault
AK95Parcel ShelfBeige2302.7±0.3Carding Velour CalenderYes^Peugeot
AK96HeadlinersGray2302.7±0.3Carding Velour CalenderYes^Peugeot
AK11Parcel ShelfBlack3502.6±0.5Carding VelourNo^Peugeot
ZA603Parcel ShelfGray2702.6±0.5CardingNo^Kia
ZA608Parcel ShelfBeige3302.6±0.5CardingNo^Peugeot
ZA612Parcel ShelfGray2803.2±0.4CardingNo^Kia
ZA616Parcel ShelfBeige2352.6±0.5CardingNo^Peugeot
Ak100Headliners Stitch Bonded Gray2305.3±1.0Carding VelourNo^Renault
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