Mashhad geotextile specialized conference

The first specialized geotextile conference of Zarif Mosavar Industrial Production Group was held in holy Mashhad and the specialists of this field with the capabilities and features of the products… |

Introducing types of granules and their application in industry

Granules are one of the important components of plastic and textile industries, which are produced in the form of colorful, uniform and small grains. These materials are usually used as a raw material in the production of plastic and textile products. Granules are generally of two categories: virgin granules, the first category, and recycled granules, which…

infographic / Zarif-Mosavar industrial group products

Video/ Role-playing of Zarif Mosavar Group in the construction of the Isfahan-Shiraz Highway

According to the public relations report of Zarif Mosavar Industrial production group, the Shiraz-Isfahan freeway was put into operation as the longest freeway in Iran at the same time as the president’s visit to Fars province. With the opening and operation of this highway, 9% was added to the country’s highway plans.

Video/ Narration of how to develop the new BCF yarn production line of Zarif Mosavar Group

The development of the BCF thread production line of Zarif Mosvar Industrial Group was done while the country’s economy was involved in many fluctuations. The implementation of this project was done at a very high speed and with the ability of experts, experts, and managers of Zarif Mosvar Group, and another honor was added to the proud office of this large industrial complex.

26th Istanbul International Home Textiles Exhibition

Synthetic and natural fibers, applications and uses

Fibers is the plural of the word “fiber” and refers to threads whose ratio of length to diameter is more than 100 times. Fibers are divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. The most widely used synthetic fibers are polyester fibers, which you can learn more about here

Video/Carpet installers from 16 provinces of Iran in the training course of Zarif-Mosavar

Carpet installers from 16 provinces of the country visited Isfahan to learn more about the latest scientific and practical methods of installing all types of carpets and home floorings thanks to the efforts of Zarif Mosavar industrial production group.

The Presence of Zarif Mosavar Manufacturing Industrial Group at the International Domotex 2023 Fair in Turkey

According to the public relations report of Zarif Mosavar Manufacturing Industrial Group, Turkey Domotex International Fair is being held in Antalya from July 10 to 13, 2023

Iran Bank of Industry and Mine CEO’s visit to Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group

Dr. Ali Khorsandian, CEO of Iran Bank of Industry and Mine, also visited Zarif Mosavar factories group located