Our Composite Geomembrane, as a kind of impervious material made through the combination of geotextile and geomembrane, is mainly used in water drainage and rib reinforcement. Geocomposite Types We produce two types of Geocomposites including:

  1. Three Layer Geocomposites Two clothes plus one membrane (Geotextile for protective use is applied on both sides of anti-seepage membrane). The geotextile is made of Polypropylene or Polyester.
  2. Two Layer Geocomposites One cloth plus one membrane Geotextile for protective use is applied on one side of anti-seepage membrane). The geotextile is made of Polypropylene or Polyester.

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Geocomposite Main Applications

  1. Water conservation
  2. Subways
  3. Basement and Tunnels,
  4. Tunnel Impermeable lining
  5. Road
  6. Highway
  7. Railway Subgrade
  8. Foundation Vertical Impermeable Layer
  9. Construction Cofferdam
  10. Irrigation Ditch,
  11. Liquid Pool (pit, tomb)
  12. Scrap Yard;
  13. Saline Control in Subgrade
  14. Waterproof Layer of Expansive Soil and Collapsible Loess
  15. Roofing Leakage Preventio

Geocomposite Other Applications

  1. High tensile
  2. High bursting
  3. High tear-pro strength
  4. And high physical performance in general

Yalda Company

Yalda Company supports a complete selection of Geomembrane and Geocomposite materials with design assistance, fabrication and installation services. We work with engineering consultant or general contractor to ensure the optimum design with the most efficient and cost-effective installation for any Geomembrane & Geocomposite application.

Yalda Company is a multi-function industrial trading company committed to keep its clients delighted by providing quality geosynthetic products and cost effective services. The need for reliable containment of liquids, solids and waste materials continues to increase as environmental demands and standards are elevated. Our Geomembrane technology offers a wide range of materials capable of meeting these demands.