HDPE Geomembrane (HDPE GMB)

Our HDPE Geomembrane (High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes) offers great ultraviolet protection and aging resistance from the intense stresses of weather. Although, it is less flexible than LLDPE counterpart, it still offers great elongation properties which is making it extremely cost-effective for many applications.

Product: Geomembrane of Zarif-Mosavar Industrial Group

Main Advantages of HDPE Geomembrane

  1. The chemical resistance of our HDPE GMB is the best of any available geomembranes Sheet. Polyethylene is chemically resistant to a wide variety of chemicals including aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons. They have been used successfully for years as primary and secondary landfill liners, in secondary containment applications and as liners for mining leach pads.
  2. The stress crack resistance of our HDPE GMB is outstanding. The appendix to ASTM D 5397, Single Point Notched Constant Tensile Load, is the test method which is most commonly specified for determination of stress crack resistance.
  3. Permeability of our HDPE GMB against gases and liquids is the lowest of any available geomembranes Sheet. This coupled with outstanding chemical and stress crack resistance combine to maximize the integrity of containment for any application.
  4. Flexibility and high resistance against tearing, rubbing and puncturing.
  5. High resistance against U.V. rays (Thermal stability of the sunrays).
  6. Excellent flexibility and elongation.
  7. Easy installation/ transport / logistics.
  8. Excellent soldering ability.
  9. Impact resistance.

Article: Why Zarif-Mosavar Geomembrane Sheets ?

Main Applications of HDPE Geomembrane

LANDFILLS : Solid & Municipal Waste, Hazardous Waste, Construction & Demolition Waste, Industrial waste.

POWER : Retention Ponds, Cooling Water Ponds, Brine Ponds, Pumped Storage Reservoirs, Ash Repositories.

CONCRETE PROTECTION : Concrete Pipe & Sewer Lines, Trenches & Sumps, Wastewater Facilities, Tunnels, Manholes.

INDUSTRIAL : Tank Lining, Storm Water Runoff, Vertical Barriers, Secondary Containment.

LIQUID CONTAINMENT : Water & Wastewater, Petrochemical, Agriculture/ Aquaculture pools, Simulated lakes, Aquaculture Canal Lining, Dams, Floating Covers, Relaxing pools, Water storage constructions, Waste water storage constructions, Pool insulation, Water ways.

MINING : Heap Leach Pads, Solution Ponds, Treatment Lagoons.

OTHERS : Golf Course Ponds, Decorative Ponds, Waterproofing, Simulated lakes & Constructions.

Technical Specifications ( Geomembrane HDPE )
ThicknessASTM D5199mm1.001.502.00
DensityASTM D1505g.mL-1Min. 0.940Min. 0.940Min. 0.940
Tensile Strength at YieldASTM D6693KN.mm-1Min. 15Min. 22Min. 29
Tensile Strength at BreakASTM D6693KN.mm-1Min. 27Min. 40Min. 53
Tensile Elongation at YieldASTM D6693%Min.12Min. 12Min. 12
Tensile Elongation at BreakASTM D6693%Min. 700Min. 700Min. 700
Tear ResistanceASTM D1004NMin.125Min.187Min.249
Puncher ResistanceASTM D4833NMin. 320Min.480Min.640
Carbon Black ContentASTM D1603%
Carbon Black DispersionASTM D55969 in cat.19 in cat.19 in cat.1
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