Polyester & PolyPropylene & Polyamide Staple Fiber

in the Field of Melt Spinning, Zarifmosavar Products are Divided into Main Groups of Staple Fiber & BCF Yarns. Artificial Fibers Include Polyester Staple Fiber (Virgin and Recycled) & Polypropylene Staple Fiber & Polyamide Fiber (Nylon Staple Fiber).

Staple Fiber Competitive Advantages

Zarifmosavar Industrial Group in Melt Spinning Field is Supported by the Ownership of Regal Petrochemical and Tis Masterbatch Companies as its Subsidiaries and Accordingly There Will Not be any Specific Limitation in Providing of Raw Materials.

Catalogue Fiber zarifindustrial
Staple Fiber Table
Product Group MaterialSpecification 1Specification 2Measuring Unit
FiberPolyesterVirginSolid> 3
FiberPolyesterRecycleSolid> 4
FiberPolyesterVirginHallow R> 6
FiberPolyesterRecycleHallow R> 6
FiberPolypropylene VirginSolid> 3
FiberPolypropyleneVirginConcrete> 3
FiberPolyesterRecycleConcrete> 4
FiberPolyamideVirginHydrophilic> 6
FiberPolypropyleneVirginSolid> 2
FiberPolyesterR.VHydrophilic> 4
FiberPolyesterRecycleSolid> 4
FiberPolypropyleneVirginMelange> 3
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