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We, as a specialized manufacturer of HDPE / LLDPE polyethylene Geomembrane sheet liners, have been supplying these materials based upon international standards (GRI GM 13 ) for several years. We have built a reputation of reliability through our dedication to providing the highest quality Geomembranes made from high quality Polyethylene Resin, Carbon black & Antioxidant added for a better UV protection and long life. We supply liners with Smooth/Smooth surfaces in green, blue and black. Our Geomembranes are manufactured to meet and exceed the test values, frequency of testing & functional requirements of the GRI CM 13 specification which was established by Geomembrane Research Institute (GRI), USA.


Geosynthetics have been known as the most popular and effective materials for industrial and engineering insulation since the last two decades.

Roll Lengths Based on Each Thickness, in width of 4.1 Mtrs
Thickness1.0 mm1.5 mm2.0 mm
Length50 – 75 m50 – 60 m50 m

Our Polyethylene Geomembranes

Our Polyethylene Geomembranes Sheet are made from relatively thin continuous impermeable polymeric sheets being widely used as canal and pond liners. These products are resistant against UV and chemicals and have excellent flexibility and durability. All these together have made our Geomembranes be widely used in exposed areas and places where long durability is essential and in industries such as Oil & Chemicals, Waste Liquids (e.g., sewage sludge), Landfill Sites, Agriculture, Aquiculture and Mining

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  • HDPE GMB geomembrane
  • LLDPE GMB geomembrane

Types of Geomembrane sheet

Our Geomembrane Sheets are generally used for containment of liquids, solids and waste materials and are of two types as follows:

  • High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes (HDPE GMB) (hdpe geomembrane)
  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene Geomembranes (LLDPE GMB) ( lldpe geomembrane ) Our HDPE / LLDPE GMB technology offers a wide range of materials capable of meeting most of your

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