Starch in adhesives and resins and its 5 applications

6 Important factors in Production of Starch | Adhesives and Resins

Starch is kind of Polysaccharide which is comprised of Glucose monomers and is not solvable in water. The Starch would be used as raw material for manufacturing of adhesives and papers, this item would be applied in textile industries too.

structure of Carboxylated Styrene Butadiene Rubber?

SBR Latex is the abbreviation of Carboxylated Butadiene Styrene Rubber Latex , In simple language by adding acrylic acids to styrene monomer along with Butadiene gas and some other additives would create the X SBR latex…

styrene monomer

What is styrene monomer?

First we need to know what a monomer is. what a Styrene Monomer ? The word monomer is derived from the Greek entry of mono by the meaning “one” and meros by the meaning of “part”. A monomer is a type of molecule that forms the main unit of polymers.

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What is butadiene gas?

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4 important polymers in our daily life

It would be said that chemistry and polymers are related to our daily lives because most of the substances we deal with are chemical and follow the laws of chemistry. For example, when you get sick , …