BCF Yarn

BCF Yarn Products

In the field of Melt Spinning, Zarif Mosavar products are divided into main groups of Fibers & BCF Yarns . Artificial fibers include of Polyester (Virgin and Recycled), Polypropylene and Polyamid fibers along with BCF Yarns (Heatset, Freeze and Cabling). Zarif Mosavar company well equipped with the latest technology and modern laboratory produces its own products.

BCF Yarn Competitive Advantages

Zarif Mosavar group in melt spinning field is supported by the ownership of Regal Petrochemical and Tis Masterbatch companies as its subsidiaries and obviously there is no specific limitation in providing of raw.

Fiber and Yarn production equipment includes

  • 5 production lines of various types of polyester fibers, recycled PET, polyamide and polypropylene with a total fineness of 100 tons per day and Pet Perk washing line
  • 3 production lines of BCF yarn, heat set and freeze and cable with a total fineness of 20 tons per day
  • 1 plastic packaging production line with a total daily capacity of 3 tons
  • 1 NGR recycled granule production line with a total daily capacity of 6 tons
  • Quality control laboratory equipped with all the equipment required for the yarn and fiber production process

It should be noted that all production and laboratory equipment is made by prominent European companies from France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

BCF YARN Technical Specifications
Product Group MaterialSpecification 1Specification 2FinenessRef.worksColor
yarnPolypropyleneVirginHeatset- Freeze> 1200Double FoldedAccording To Order
yarnPolypropyleneVirginHeatset- Freeze> 600Single FoldedAccording To Order
yarnPolyamideVirginHeatset- Freeze> 700Single FoldedAccording To Order
yarnPolyesterVirginHeatset- Freeze> 1100Single FoldedAccording To Order
YarnPolyesterVirginHeatset- Freeze> 2200Double FoldedAccording To Order
GranulePolyesterPureRecycleMP: 220 to 240According To Order
GranulePolypropylene . PolyesterMixedRecycleAccording To Order
GranulePolypropyleneMixedRecycleMFI from 5 to 25According To Order
PlasticPolyethyleneVirgin* Single & Double FoldedThickness 50-200 MicronTransparent
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