Starch in adhesives and resins and its 5 applications

6 important factors in production of starch | adhesives and resins

Starch is kind of Polysaccharide which is comprised of Glucose monomers and is not solvable in water. The Starch would be used as raw material for manufacturing of adhesives and papers, this item would be applied in textile industries too.
July 12, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
woven & nonwoven geotextile

woven & nonwoven geotextile | Difference & uses ?

Woven & Non-Woven Geotextile are permeable and have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect or drain when used with soil. They are produced by various methods such as needle punching ,Heat Bonding, or chemical (Resin Bonding) and have a felt-like structure without specific warp and woof (non-woven).
July 5, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
Types of asphalt

3 general types of asphalt for road stabilization

Asphalt or Asphalt concrete is a composite or combined material that is commonly used to pave roads, parking lots, airports, as well as the core of soil dams.
June 27, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
Geotextile Applications

Geotextile Applications in Industries

geotextile applications include road, dam & building construction, drainage, tunnels, agricultural pool, railroads, oil pipelines, railroads ...
June 22, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
Geotextile Installation Zarif Mosavar

Geotextile Installation Guide in Road Stabilization

Before installing geotextile for road stabilization, it is better to get more familiar with road construction and the difference between concrete asphalt and bitumen asphalt and the structure of the construction of roads,
June 19, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
carboxylated Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex - X SBR Latex

structure of Carboxylated Styrene Butadiene Rubber?

SBR Latex is the abbreviation of Carboxylated Butadiene Styrene Rubber Latex , In simple language by adding acrylic acids to styrene monomer along with Butadiene gas and some other additives would create the X SBR latex...
June 19, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
styrene monomer

What is styrene monomer?

First we need to know what a monomer is. what a Styrene Monomer ? The word monomer is derived from the Greek entry of mono by the meaning “one” and meros by the meaning of “part”. A monomer is a type of molecule that forms the main unit of polymers.
May 17, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
بوتادین Butadiene img

What is butadiene gas?

butadiene styrene latex, SBR Latex, XSBR Latex, butadiene gas butadiene, styrene butadiene copolymer , monomer, polybutadiene, styrene butadiene, butadiene methyl styrene rubber, nitrile rubber
May 16, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
کاربرد مهم ژئوممبران - zarifindustrial

9 Applications of Geomembranes in various industries

Geomembranes are actually the sheets of polymer that are resistant to ultraviolet light, chemicals and high and very low temperatures, and its flexibility has led to more applications of geomembranes in various industries.
May 2, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
تولید ژئوممبران ظریف مصور - Why Zarif-Mosavar Geomembrane Sheets

Why Zarif-Mosavar Geomembrane Sheets ?

zarif-mosavar geomembrane sheets are physically strong, flexible and have a long life, and are very resistant to ultraviolet light, frost and chemicals.
April 27, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
ورق ژئوممبران geomembrane sheet

Why the Agricultural pool made with geomembrane sheet?

Agricultural water storage pool (geomembrane pool) is a very serious item for farmers due to the amount of cultivation in summer and rainfall in other seasons, and the increasing demand for water and lack of new water resources, the importance of protection ...
April 20, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
پلیمر و انواع آن

4 important polymers in our daily life

It would be said that chemistry and polymers are related to our daily lives because most of the substances we deal with are chemical and follow the laws of chemistry. For example, when you get sick , ...
March 15, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
Geomembrane Pool-Agricultural Pool

9 step in building a geomembrane pool

Agricultural Water Storage Pool-Geomembrane Pool, Depends on the rate of farming in summer season , and the rate of received rain in other seasons
February 22, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
ژئوتکستایل نبافته در بهبود آسفالت

Application of nonwoven geotextiles for improving asphalt and roads

Some textile products such as non-woven geotextiles are convenient for increasing the life-time and operation of asphalt and its coating, The Geotextile is able to damp received pressures of previous coating through tensile resistance.
February 21, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat
Geomembrane Sheets Welding

4 Important points about Geomembrane Sheets Welding

Before starting the geomembrane sheet welding operation, a welding sample with the specifications lable, date, welding temperature, geomembrane temperature, quantity of welding lines,
February 21, 2021/by Alireza Falak Rafat

applications geosynthetic

February 23, 2020/by Alireza Falak Rafat