Zarif-Mosavar Geomembrane Sheet

zarif-mosavar Geomembrane Sheets

zarif-mosavar geomembrane sheets are nearly 100% impermeable, while concrete, stone, and cement are slightly impermeable. Changing water transfer methods from traditional to modern methods is very effective in preventing water loss in distribution networks, and water storage in rainy and snowy seasons and its usage in hot seasons and ease of water receiving at any time of the day and night are other benefits of geomembrane pools which are made by Zarif-Industrial Group.

HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembrane : This product is being produced by Yalda Group which is one of Zarif-Mosavar Holding’s subsidiaries , these sheets are being produced from the thickness of 0.2 to 5 mm , the width of 2 to 8 meters and roll length of 50 to 200 meters. These sheets are included of 2% Black carbon or color masterbatches and would be used for covering or insulating of tanks or other applications.

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zarif-mosavar geomembrane which are based on heavy polyethylene have high physical, mechanical and chemical resistance properties and are highly resistant to ultraviolet light, frost and chemicals, and its flexibility and long life, leading to widespread use in various industries such as water and wastewater, agriculture, Dam construction, fisheries, landfills, oil and gas, chemical industries, mining and so on. For more information on other raw materials in geomembranes such as polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride and additives such as antioxidants, plastics, carbon black and lubricants, etc., as well as their applications, read our articles.

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Due to the great variety of geomembranes, choosing high-quality geomembranes is a very important thing which best products would be bought from a reputable manufacturer by more researching. On the time of buying, we should pay attention to the fact that the originality of the manufacturing company is determined by the exploitation license of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, and the sheets must have a label, product specifications, tracking ID and heat seal which is inserted at the end of the roll, and most importantly Make sure of the manufacturer’s history to see if the manufacturer will be held accreditation in the coming years if support is needed, and note that you should read the warranty terms in full to be aware of the terms.

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