TIS Company (TISCO), as one of the subsidiaries of Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group, is a high technology enterprise specialized in researching, developing, processing and producing different kinds of Masterbatches, particularly in the field of fiber and textile applications.TISCO was established in 1999 and its preliminary purpose was to produce required Masterbatch for the fiber production lines of Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group.

Today, TISCO is pleasured to satisfy its domestic and international customers by offering solutions for technical issues according to related standard and customized colors too. Our experience gained over the years could enable us to produce high quality Masterbatchs with different polymer bases including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PET), and Polyamide (PA) with various applications such as fibers, woven & nonwoven bags, polymer pipes, films, sheets and injection moulding.


TISCO has classified its products into 4 categories as follows:

  • Colour Masterbatch
  • Black Masterbatch
  • White Masterbatch
  • Additive Masterbatchs

Colour Masterbatchs About

Colour Masterbatch-zarifindustrial

TIS Company (TISCO) matched ten thousands of colours virtually in different polymers on the market.We have established a long-lasting leading position in the supplier market of colour concentrates.An interesting range of domestic and … more

Black Masterbatchs About

BLACK MASTERBATCH-zarifindustrial

TIS Company (TISCO) offers various grades of black Masterbatchs in different polymer types of Black Carbon which is based upon the customer requirements. Our black carbon, (made by well-known manufacturers), consist of a wide range … more

White Masterbatchs About

WHITE MASTERBATCH-zarifindustrial

TIS Company (TISCO) offers a wide range of white Masterbatchs with excellent dispersion of high quality Rutile Titanium Dioxide micron (imported from well-known manufacturers), which would act as both carrier and additive types … more

Additive Masterbatchs About

Additive Masterbatch-zarifindustrial

TIS Company (TISCO) manufactures a wide range of Masterbatchs containing special additives to improve and modify the properties of polymers. Our additives are available in different polymer bases such as PE and PP… more