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Polyamide Fiber/Nylon Staple Fiber (PA Plastic) Fiber is one of the most popular synthetic fibers used in textiles and industries. Nylon is the generic name for a family of synthetic polymers which were developed in February 1935 by Wallace Carrots at DuPont firstly, and because it is produced by the binding of repetitive peptamide (bonded amide) units, it was also called polyamide. .

Product of Zarifmosavar + Datasheet : Polyester & PolyPropylene & Polyamide Staple Fiber

Polyamide Fiber Categories According to Their Constituent Monomer

Polyamides are divided into two important categories according to their constituent monomer.

Diamine-based polyamides with the following formula:

(-NH- (CH2) a-CO-) n

The names of these polymers are based on the number of carbon atoms in the original molecule; Which is obtained from the sum (C + 1) a and a represents the repetition of the CH2 group.

B-diamines based on diamine and dicarbonic acid with the following formula:

(NH- (CH2) 6-NH-CO- (CH2) b-CO-) n

The naming of these polymers is based on the number of carbon atoms in each group. b The second number of the formula is obtained according to (C + 2) b.

Due to the physical properties of these Nylon Staple Fiber, they are widely used in textiles, especially clothing, such as knitwear (socks and…), blouses, underwear, raincoats, ski clothes, windbreakers, swimwear and bicycle clothing, as well as furniture such as furniture, Blankets, rugs and curtains are used and due to excellent mechanical properties, fatigue resistance and good tensile strength in truck and aircraft tires, seat belts, car flooring, parachute, conveyor, rope, fishing rope, net, bag Sleepers, tarpaulins and dental floss are used as separators in Ni-H and Ni-Cd batteries.

Advantages: low weight, heat and electricity insulation, abrasion resistance, good tensile strength, gloss, resistance to chemicals and oils, sun resistance, washability with water, paintability, good elasticity and buoyancy, surface Smooth, softness, long shelf life of yarns and fabrics, high melting point, low flammability, reasonable price.

Disadvantages: high moisture absorption, low dimensional stability

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