Iran Bank of Industry and Mine CEO’s visit to Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group

On the visit of members of board of directors and Iran Bank of Industry and Mine CEO, along with the managers of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province government departments to Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group, Conditions of the economic development and commercial cooperation based on the capabilities of this group were consulted.

According to the public relations department report of Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group, Dr. Ali Khorsandian, CEO of Iran Bank of Industry and Mine, also visited Zarif Mosavar factories group located in Borujen industrial zone while visiting the commercial, industrial and economic complex of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

On this visit, he pointed out that although the country is facing many economic difficulties in current situation, the production cycle is still active in the country and industrial activists are working powerfully and seriously.

The managing director of the Iranian Bank of Industry and Mine stated that Zarif Mosavar industrial production group is one of the most active group in this country. He also added that the Bank of Industry and Mine would be glad to provide conditions for development of production activities of industrial and commercial groups.

Pointing out that after this visit, there will be a favorable interaction between this Bank and Zarif Mosavar group, he continued stating that this bank will support industrialists both in the fields of finance and also providing banking and financial services such as issuing guarantees, therefore based on this mission it will allocate special services to this group.

Zarif Mosavar, a self-sufficient group and a job creator

On this visit, a member of the board of directors of Zarif Mosavar industrial production group said: This group which has been able to become one of the leading exporters in the country in recent years is considered to be one of the most self-sufficient industrial complexes in the country.

Haj Seyed Mostafa Tabatabayi stated that 1,400 people are currently working in Factories of Zarif Mosavar group and declared that Zarif Mosavar is considered to be generative as it has been able to reverse engineer many production lines and after localization, it has made the country be independent of Imports of spare parts and industrial machinery.

He emphasized that while Zarif Mosavar has been able to establish a complete supply chain for the manufacturing of its products, it’s also proud of providing raw materials needed for other industrial activists by creating various production facilities.