geotextile Application in industries

Geotextile Applications

geotextile applications : Application of geotextiles based on polymer and polypropylene due to 6 features (drainage, protection, erosion control, separation, filtration, reinforcement) would be classified in civil works and has been explained that woven and non-woven geotextiles, are being used in different industries more day by day. Reading related articles will help you to understand this article better.

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Geotextile Applications – Types and Uses of Geotextiles in Different industries

  1. Civil and road construction
  2. Construction & Building affairs
  3. Underground drainage
  4. Preventing erosion of coastal soils and breakwaters
  5. Dam construction
  6. Filter in earthen dams
  7. Filter in water channels
  8. Sludge dewatering process filter
  9. Sewage pond and chemicals
  10. Liquid and gas collection system
  11. Lining and insulation of tunnels
  12. Construction of agricultural water storage pool
  13. Construction of an artificial lake
  14. Construction of evaporation pond of power plant
  15. Construction of green roof
  16. Protection and drainage systems under the lawn
  17. Extraction of swampy lands
  18. Railway infrastructure
  19. Stabilization of oil and gas transmission lines
  20. Electronics

1 – Geotextile Applications in civil engineering, and road construction

Due to the properties of geotextiles and geogrids, they are used for road surface reinforcement, substructure and separation between subgrades and rock and granular materials.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در عمران و جاده و راه سازی

In filtration, geotextiles will pass water through the filter, both under pressure and in a constant flow mode, and prevent soft soil from passing to the bedrock and drainage layers. In the role of reinforcement, it strengthens the soft materials of the sub grid ; and increases the CBR to a desirable level and prevents the sinking of rocks and grains into the soft and wet subgrade by distributing regional and local pressure, and also improves the role of drainage on the road.

2- Geotextile Applications in construction affairs

Geotextile with a combination of geomembranes is a good option for insulation and drainage of buildings and away water from around the foundations of buildings. In addition, the use of geotextiles is also used in earthquake resistance of the earth.

Vertical drains are columns or trenches made of permeable material that are constructed to drain excess water pressure from loose sandy soils and loose saturated clays to reduce the possibility of liquefaction and earthquake damage.

کاربرد پارچه ژئوتکستایل در امور ساختمانی

The proposed model is semi-prefabricated geotextile drains that after digging the soil by drilling machines, geotextile layers are placed in the cut and filled with granular soils. The advantages of this method are low cost, fast installation, improvement of soil mechanical properties in compaction and reduction of liquefaction, reliable drainage continuity, high permeability, low soil corrosion and good drainage.

3- Geotextile Fabric Application in underground drainage

Geotextiles are a substitute for conventional soil filters for drainage. Almost all structures such as groundwater control systems, road pavements, dam infrastructure, and walls has this system.

کاربرد پارچه زهکشی ژئوتکستایل
Light to medium weight nonwoven geotextiles are suitable for drainage filter applications and allow groundwater to pass through the drainage cores while preventing the drainage system from closing and trapping the adjacent soil.

4- Geotextile Applications in preventing erosion of coastal soils and breakwaters

If geotextiles are not used on beaches, especially artificial concrete beaches or breakwaters, the intensity of the water waves will erode the substrate under the reinforced concrete.

The first application of geotextiles on the coast, they act as a filter to control the corrosion of wall and floor structures.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در جلوگیری از فرسایش خاکهای ساحلی و موج شکن‌ها

The second usage of geotextiles on the coast is considered as a separating material in the foundation of breakwaters and coastal soils.

Geotextiles are widely used to reinforce embankments on soft soils, dams and retaining walls. In fact, a geotextile used for a retaining wall can be built for less than half the cost of a traditional retaining wall.

5- Geotextile Applications sheet in dam construction

The use of geotextiles in the field of dam construction is for waterproofing and preventing water from settling from the dam body and preventing its gradual destruction. In this application, heavy geotextile is used as a protective layer of geomembrane layer. It also acts as a surface drainage of the dam wall and it would transfer the moisture to the drains below the dam.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در سد سازی

6- Application of geotextiles in filters of earthen dams

The filter is one of the most important components of soil structures that are associated with water flow. They are constructed and dangerous, and secondly, they fill the empty spaces of the drainage system and create obstacles against the movement of water, along with the increasing of Hydrostatic pressure in the structure.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در فیلتر در سدهای خاکی

7- Application of geotextiles in filters in water channels

This application is the most well-known and most widely used application of geotextiles. In this operation, the geotextile is in contact with the soil to be drained. Geotextiles are actually substitutes for sand materials and should be able to have the same function and efficiency as sand filters.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در فیلتر در کانال‌های آبی
Both geotextile filters and sand filters must be able to pass water or gas without any additional hydrostatic pressure.

8- Application of geotextile in the sludge dewatering process filter

In industries and mines, in order to filter the generated waste, in addition to constructing a waste collection pond, it is possible to create large pipes with geotextile fabric that pass the liquid and at the end the remaining sludge would be discharged.

9- Application of geotextiles in sewage ponds and chemicals

In the construction of sewage ponds or lagoons of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment tanks, non-woven geotextile fibers are used to protect the geomembrane sheet.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در فاضلاب و مواد شیمیایی

10- Application of geotextile in liquid and gas collection system

Non-woven and woven geotextiles are used for soluble liquids and gas collection systems. If an integrated soil and geotextile system is used, the total weight of the soil around and on the pipe and canal walls can be applied to the cross section of the pipe and then there will be enough weight to deal with the buoyancy force.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در سیستم جمع‌آوری مایعات و گاز

11- Geotextile Applications in lining and insulation of tunnels

In tunnel insulation and drainage systems, geotextile layer is used as a protection and drainage of geomembrane sheets. Generally, a geotextile should be used that is resistant to chemicals and drains the fluid well and protects against possible damages to the sealing polymer layer, ie it has good resistance to concentrated punching pressures.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در تونل‌ها

12- Application of geotextile in the construction of agricultural water storage pool

Due to the water shortage crisis, the importance of protection for water resources has increased day by day, and agriculture is no exception to this rule. Non-woven geotextile fibers are used to protect the geomembrane sheet so that the stones in the pool bed do not cause a hole in the geomembrane sheet.

کاربرد ورق ژئوتکستایل در احداث استخر ذخیره آب کشاورزی
And according to the small pieces of stones from the floor, related technical expert is able to determine suitable geotextile Grammage for this process , You can see the related articles at the end of the link.

13- Application of geotextile in the construction of artificial lake

The use of geomembranes and the implementation of these lakes is similar to the construction of agricultural ponds, which you can read by reading the article Why the Agricultural pool made with geomembrane sheet?

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در احداث دریاچه مصنوعی

14- Application of geotextile in the construction of power plant evaporation pond

High water consumption is used in power plants to feed boilers and cooling towers. In this way, water enters the treatment plant and the part that would be treated from the treatable part and the rest that becomes effluent is transferred to the evaporation pond to avoid contamination of surface and groundwater, until the water evaporates and its sediments settle and then dredge. Native examples include the evaporation pond of the Bidkhoon Combined Cycle Power Plant.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در احداث حوضچه تبخیر نیروگاه

Evaporation pond of Bidkhoon combined cycle power plant

15- Application of geotextiles in the construction of green roofs

With the increasing tendency of human to nature and the usage of modern technology and urbanization to gain a feeling of peace, comfort and security, and the need for green space and green roof to pass through polluted spaces and gain tranquility, is increasing day by day.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در احداث بام سبز
Geosynthetic materials are used to create a completely insulated space without leakage and for the drainage system of the water outlet path on the roof.

16- Geotextile Applications in protective and drainage systems under grass

Artificial grass is used for sports such as golf and football. Since artificial grass is usually installed on asphalt, the grass gradually becomes thin and causes the backing to break, and the grass tufts are separated from, which is prevented by establishing a geotextile between the backing and the asphalt.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در سیستم‌های محافظ و زهکشی زیر چمن
Of course, by using some amounts of carboxylated butyrene styrene latex (XSBR) and nylon, polyester and polypropylene fibers in artificial grass, its strength and life-time would be increased.

17- Application of geotextiles for the extraction of swampy lands

Extraction of swampy, loose and catchment areas for exploitation and construction of various structures needs to be consolidated, which geotextile is a good alternative to traditional time-consuming and costly methods due to its excellent tensile strength and wide load distribution.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در استحصال زمین‌های باتلاقی

18- Geotextile Applications in railway infrastructure

Geotextile in this application stabilizes the railway. It helps to maintain the geometry of the railway bed and, in the role of separation, between the ballast foundation and the sub-ballast, as well as to restrain the foundation and foundation material against lateral movements.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل در زیر سازی خط آهن
Geotextiles also provide a mechanism for lateral drainage (margins) and improve drainage performance.

19- Application of geotextiles in stabilization of oil and gas transmission lines

In oil and gas field sites, which are often far from urban areas, the usage of asphalt and concrete to strengthen loose roads, for the passing of heavy drilling tools, is time consuming and costly, using geogrids and geotextiles would save time and money.

کاربرد ژئوتکستایل خطوط انتقال نفت و گاز

20- Application of Nano geotextiles in electronics

The next generation of geotextiles is called Nano geotextiles. With the role of nanotechnology in increasing the performance of geotextiles with the possibility of reducing the diameter of the fabric to the nanoscale, it causes a very large increase in surface area by weight. For example, a level of 1000 meters per gram is possible.

کاربرد نانو ژئوتکستایل در لوازم الکترونیکی
This decrease in weight and increase in surface area greatly affects the chemical / biological and electroactive reaction (electronically active) of the polymer fibers. In the near future we will see many applications in the electronics industry.


Geotextile has found different applications due to playing various roles and its applications will increase day by day, which can be better compared to alternatives by recognizing its benefits. The advantages of geotextiles include fast construction and installation, economic efficiency, chemical resistance, high durability, no separation between grains that occurs in grain filters during construction, and reduced drilling rate. The thickness of the geotextile layer is much smaller than the layer of granular materials and this is economically and practically important. The cost and cost of using geotextiles is generally lower compared to other materials of drainage systems. It is recommended that you view related articles and contact our geosynthetic experts for more information.

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Drainage, Protection, Erosion control, separation, Filtration, Reinforcement

The next generation of geotextiles is called Nano geotextiles. With the role of nanotechnology in increasing the performance of geotextiles with the possibility of reducing the diameter of the fabric to the nanoscale, it causes a very large increase in surface area by weight. For example, a level of 1000 meters per gram is possible. This decrease in weight and increase in surface area greatly affects the chemical / biological and electroactive reaction (electronically active) of the polymer fibers. In the near future we will see many applications in the electronics industry.