Acrylic Fiber : Advantage, Disadvantages

Acrylic Fiber Is Made By Spinning Acrylonitrile Copolymers Over 85% Of Acrylonitrile Monomers. These Fibers Are In Tough Competition With Nylon, Polyester And Polyolefin. Acrylics Have Many Desirable Properties Of Wool And Do Not Have The Disadvantages Of Wool. Therefore, The Usage Of Acrylic Fiber Is Increasing Day By Day.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber (PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Is One Of The Best Types Of Fibers For Reinforcing Concrete Due To Tensile Strength And High Modulus Of Elasticity And Non-Environmental Pollution.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinion fibers(Vinyon)

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a very widely used plastic and one of the most valuable products of the petrochemical industry (polymer fibers). Polyvinyl chloride is most widely used in construction and its fibers have the same characteristics. Vinion is defined as a fiber, at least 85% of which are vinyl chloride polymerization monomer units.

Olefin fibers (polypropylene + ethylene)

Olefin fibers are produced by combining polypropylene fibers with ethylene. The melting point of polyethylene is 120-125 °C and polypropylene is 160-165 °C. Their composition, i.e. polyolefin, cannot be used at temperatures above 100 degrees. Instead with…