Geomembrane Pool-Agricultural Pool

9 step in building a geomembrane pool

Agricultural Water Storage Pool-Geomembrane Pool, Depends on the rate of farming in summer season , and the rate of received rain in other seasons

ژئوتکستایل نبافته در بهبود آسفالت

Application of nonwoven geotextiles for improving asphalt and roads

Some textile products such as non-woven geotextiles are convenient for increasing the life-time and operation of asphalt and its coating, The Geotextile is able to damp received pressures of previous coating through tensile resistance.

Geomembrane Sheets Welding

4 Important points about Geomembrane Sheets Welding

Before starting the geomembrane sheet welding operation, a welding sample with the specifications lable, date, welding temperature, geomembrane temperature, quantity of welding lines,