Colour Masterbatch

TIS Company (TISCO) has virtually simulated ten thousands of colours in different polymers of the market. We have established a long-lasting leading position in the supply market of colour concentrates. Due to the existence of convenient facilities in color simulating and fully equipped fiber laboratories, we are able to match the colors as the customer needs.

Our technological centres are equipped with research and quality control laboratories to ensure high quality products. The processing is done on a single & twin screw extruder machinery (made by well-known European manufacturers) which can lead to high quality products. Our color masterbatch has high concentration of pigment with bright colors, excellent dispersion, good heat resistance and heat stability performance, easy coloring, environment protection and convenient operation.

All these together enable us to produce high quality masterbatches which are being used in fiber, PP woven & non-woven bags, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Extrusion Moulding, Blown Film and others.


Colorful Masterbatch
CodeColourPolymer BasedHeat StabilityapplicationMelting PointDensity gr/cm³Carrier MFI
26004OrangePE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film131±1˚c1.33±0.05 18 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
26010Pink PE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film131±1˚c1.2±0.0518 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
27000RedPE240˚cExtrusion, PP Woven Bag, Blown Film131±1˚c1.17±0.05 18 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
27004RedPE240˚cExtrusion, PP Woven Bag, Blown Film131±1˚c1.12±0.05 18 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
27008RedPE240˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film 126±1˚c1.08±0.05 20 gr/10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
27012Dark Red PE240˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film 126±1˚c1.09±0.05 20 gr/10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
27014PurplePE240˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film126±1˚c1.07±0.05 20 gr/10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
28000GrayPE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film131±1˚c1.3±0.0518 gr /10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
28002GrayPE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film 131±1˚c1.19±0.05 18 gr /10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
41000CreamPP280˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.3±0.0525 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
41002CreamPP280˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.29±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
21002BeigePE280˚cExtrusion, PP Woven Bag, Blown Film 131±1˚c1.44±0.05 18 gr /10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
21004BeigePE280˚cExtrusion, PP Woven Bag, Blown Film 131±1˚c1.44±0.05 18 gr /10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
22018ChocolatePE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film 131±1˚c1.33±0.05 18 gr /10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
22020BrownPE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film131±1˚c1.3±0.05 18 gr /10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
PE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film131±1˚c1.13±0.0518 gr /10 min (2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
Colorful Masterbatch
CodeColourPolymer Based Heat StabilityApplicationMelting PointDensity gr/cm³Carrier MFI
23002BluePE280˚cExtrusion, PP Woven Bag, Blown Film131±1˚c1.13±0.05 18 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
23004BluePE280˚cExtrusion, Pipe 131±1˚c1.17±0.05 4 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
23008Dark Blue PE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film126±1˚c1.1±0.0520 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
24000GreenPE280˚cPipe, Extrusion, Blown Film131±1˚c1.25±0.05 18 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
24006Green JadePE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film 126±1˚c1.18±0.05 20 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
25000Bright PurplePE240˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film131±1˚c1.22±0.05 18 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,190 ˚c)
61018CreamPET300˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.62±0.05
62006ChocolatePET300˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.62±0.05
62018WalnutPET300˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.62±0.05
62024Dark WalnutPET300˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.62±0.05
63004Dark Blue PET300˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.39±0.05
64006GreenPET300˚cPET Fiber, POY & FDY Yarn 252±1˚c1.48±0.05
65000Bright PurplePET270˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.4±0.05
66014PinkPET270˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.49±0.05
67014redPET280˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.35±0.05
67016redPET270˚cPET Fiber 252±1˚c1.38±0.05
CodeColourPolymer Based Heat StabilityApplicationMelting PointDensity gr/cm³Carrier MFI
68002GrayPET300˚cPET Fiber, POY & FDY Yarn 252±1˚c1.43±0.05
48002SilverPE280˚cPP Fiber, Blown Film156±1˚c1.22±0.0525 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
42000ChocolatePP280˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.3±0.0525 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
42004BrownPP260˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.19±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
42006ChocolatePP260˚cPP BCF Yarn156±1˚c1.19±0.0525 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
43000Dark BluePP260˚cPP BCF Yarn156±1˚c1.2±0.0525 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
43002BluePP260˚cPP BCF Yarn156±1˚c1.19±0.0525 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
44000GreenPP260˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.18±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
45000PurplePP250˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.13±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
45004Bright PurplePP280˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.18±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
46000Bright PurplePP260˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.17±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
46002PinkPP260˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.17±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
47000RedPP250˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.12±0.05 25 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)
48000Bright GrayPP280˚cPP BCF Yarn 156±1˚c1.2±0.0525 gr /10 min(2.16 kg,230 ˚c)