TIS Company (TISCO) manufactures a wide range of Masterbatch containing special additives to improve and modify the properties of polymers. Our additives are available in different polymer bases such as PE and PP.
TISCO has categorized its Additive Masterbatch into different types such as Antioxidants, UV Stabilizers and Polymer Process Aids (PPA).
Antioxidants: The use of Antioxidants in polymer processing can offer better stabilization of the polymer during processing and also prolong its useful life for the final application. So this additive can provide stabilized process in PP fiber production when exact control of the MFI is essential to ensure high quality and trouble-free production. We help you to select the correct package of Antioxidants which would enhance long term color and thermal stability.
UV Stabilizers : Ultra Violet radiation is destructive to polymeric materials. So the choice of an appropriate and efficient UV package is critical to ensure good performance and longevity of the polymer.
Polymer Process Aids (PPA): PPA Masterbatch is specifically designed to enhance extrusion ability of plastics (PE Films, pipes, tubes…) which would lead to productivity and quality improvement.Etc.

Zarifmosavar Industrial Group

CodePolymer BasedHeat StabilityApplicationMelting PointDensity gr/cm³Carrier MFI
29910Polyethylene Based Antioxidant Masterbatch280 ̊cPipe, Extrusion132±1 ̊c1.05±0.054 gr/10 min (2.16 kg,190̊ c)
29930Polyethylene Based UV Stabilizer Masterbatch280 ̊cExtrusion, PP Woven Bag, PP Fiber, Blown Film131±1 ̊c18 gr/10 min (2.16 kg,190 ̊c)4 gr/10 min (2.16 kg,190 ̊c)
39930Polyethylene Based UV Stabilizer Masterbatch300 ̊cExtrusion, PP Woven Bag, PP Fiber, Blown Film157±1 ̊c1.05±0.0515 gr/10 min (2.16 kg,230 ̊c)